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Site or database name: American Refuge: The Impact of European Religious Societies on Immigration and Settlement Patterns in America

Description: America is popularly known as a nation of immigrants. Everyone living in the United States today is an immigrant or a descendent of one. Even the ancestors of Native Americans are believed to have arrived in America over the land bridge with Asia. Most of our ancestors came to this country to take advantage of the opportunities American society had to offer or to escape war, famine, or persecution in their own country. What is not well known is the fact that several groups of European immigrants came to America not to merge with mainstream society, but to create their own societies that were secluded from the rest of the population. America offered the opportunity of religious freedom, something that much of Europe did not. Before and after the American Revolution, European religious groups immigrated to America in order to form isolated communities based on their specific religious or social beliefs... Read More!

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