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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MyCinnamonToast genealogy explorer better than other surname search sites?

I visit each and every site personally, and extract the surnames from the site if possible. The surnames are stored in a special field which includes surname only, so when you search for a surname, you are ONLY searching surnames, not first names, regions, occupations, or anything else. This ensures that the results you get are those most relevant to you.

For example, my married name is RUTH, which can also be a woman's first name. When I search for RUTH at other surname sites, I often get pages and pages of sites that have a woman with the first name of Ruth. At MyCinnamonToast, whether your last name is RUTH, BAKER, COUNTY, or anything else that could have another meaning, you will only find sites that have those as surnames.

Another advantage is that MyCinnamonToast genealogy explorer allows you to narrow your search using several criteria, including region, religion, and record type. If you have a common name, such as SMITH or JOHNSON, you can often get too many results to sift through. Using the explorer, you can narrow it down to just the sites that are most likely to be of interest to you.

How can I add my site to your database?

Click here and fill out the form to submit your site. Your link will not appear on the site until it is reviewed, which usually takes a few days. We do not accept links to sites which are not genealogy related, or which do not have information or resources available of interest to genealogists.